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Thursday, February 23, 2012

FOOD: Seoul Chako (Montreal)

The rather new Korean BBQ place in Montreal is located at 1824 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. If you're not familiar with Korean BBQ's, the concept is based around cooking your own food on a grill. Seoul Chako's decor is nice and the restaurant is pretty spacious.

We went for the all-you-can-eat lunch ($13.99) and tried the following:
Meat: Chicken, sliced beef, short ribs, pork, calamari
Sushi: Spicy Salmon, Kamikazi, Crab
Other: Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Kimchi, Salad, Mango Ice Cream

The chicken and pork were ok and I think that the sliced beef and the short ribs were the best. The sliced beef were really easy and quick to cook compared to everything else so if you don`t want to wait to long, start off with that. The short ribs have bones and it takes a while to get them cooked properly. The calamari was not good and extremely rubbery like.

The sushi was average, nothing great nor bad. The Spicy Salmon however seemed to be way spicier than any other restaurant to the point where they are almost inedible. 

The sweet potatoes and zucchini didn't come out great on the grill. It takes long to cook and the outside is bound to get burned before the inside is cooked. I didn't like the kimchi that much but the mango ice cream was really good.

I've been to a handful of these types of places and while at the start the food tastes good, after the first few pieces of meat everything begins to taste the same. I wonder if they would be willing to change the grill top in the middle of a serving; we didn't think so as the grill was on but than when we were done the waiter changed it right in front of us for the next group and it took only a few seconds. This might help prevent the burnt taste in the later rounds of grilled meat. Although there are pretty bad online reviews, overall, the marinade was tasty and I think it`s worth a try for those who have never been.

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