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Monday, June 18, 2012

Wimbledon: How Far Can Milos Raonic Go?

For all you Canadian tennis fans, I'm sure you have been keeping an eye out on Milos and his rise in the rankings. The winner of two tournaments this year and with victories over #4 seed Murray and #9 Tipsarevic, Milos has some great things ahead of him.

Raonic also faced Federer three times already this year, each going to a third decisive set. With Wimbledon just around the corner, there's a good chance that he bests his performance of last year where he reached the second round.

My question is rather when will Milos Raonic become a top 10 player, instead than if. 

I hope to catch the first few rounds of Wimbledon in person but given that they use a ballot system (where you have to sign up a year in advance) and tickets are close to impossible to get for the average person (i.e. not $1,000/debenture tickets), we'll have to see if it happens.

How far do you think Milos will go in Wimbledon this year?


  1. Depending on the draw I see him in the top 16.

    This surface favours his style of game and he played his first good service game against Federer this year at Halle. It was in a loosing effort but it should have helped his confidence. He has yet to crack Federer but he knows he can compete with the best players. Eventually he will be able to beat most of them.

  2. I agree. He should be top 15 this year...