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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ubuntu For Android

There's a new challenger arriving on the computing scene that wants you to use your smartphone as your primary desktop/laptop: Ubuntu for Android, the upcoming free and open source version of Ubuntu.

Now the concept of using your phone for all your digital needs isn't totally new as Motorola tried to get you to do the same two years ago with its Atrix smartphone and laptop dock. The Atrix didn't catch on, just like most Motorola smartphones out there, despite positive critic reviews. I guess people don't trust putting all their eggs into a Motorola device that probably won't get updated a year after its release.

Atrix (in the back) connecting to the laptop docking station.

The comparison isn't quite the same as Ubuntu for Android is compatible with any new Android smartphones, so you aren't forced to buy a specific brand. If you want to get, say a Nexus 4 and install Ubuntu, you can. According to Wikipedia, what's also cool is that "both Ubuntu and Android run at the same time on the device...without the need to reboot. This is possible because both Ubuntu and Android share the same kernel (Linux)".  

I must say that the new OS has a fresh look to it and it does seem to be easy to use. They use "edges" of the touch screen on your phone to access apps and the look and feel is fluid and natural. Seeing how there's no risk for Android users to install, I say why not give it a try when it comes out. 

Have look at some of the videos below!

Ubuntu For Android

Hands-On Video @ CES

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