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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hockey Hall of Fame: Stuff You Didn't Know About

That's one big goalie. I feel super shrimpy.
The HHOF was ok, there was nothing really extraordinary about the place even for a hockey fan like me. Of course you have all the stuff you would expect and I'll quickly go through some highlights. There was a somewhat interesting but totally dated shooting gallery where you take wrist shots at a virtual goalie. Unless you shoot the inside post, nothing is going in. It didn't help that I kept shooting at his chest. I rang one that looked like the inside of the post and in but it didn't register. Me thinks me rusty : p

 Here is a tribute to Super Mario, my favorite player of all time.

Mario Lemieux #66, 2-Time Stanley Cup Winner, from Montreal!
Some Montreal Canadiens stuff.

Habs locker room and the Stanley Cup: 1992-93, the last time the Habs won it
Now, for the part that you didn't know and the most interesting for me was all the countries who actually have hockey teams. You expect Canada, Russia, US and European countries but it seems that hockey goes beyond these countries albeit in small amounts. Here are some cools international jerseys from places that are far, far away from any bodies of ice.

North Korea won the Gold medal at the Asia/Oceanic U-18 games in 2000, now I've seen everything.

Scott Gomez can probably play for Mexico. On the right, Mongolia

South Africa and Australia (Left) Japan and Netherlands (Right)
Thailand!?! (Left) and Greece (Right, in royal blue)
Ireland, Spain and East Asia All-Stars
Portugal: First ever appearance in 2000, they lost to a Portuguese Canadian Cultural Center team from Toronto 18-6. You gotta start somewhere.
Jersey worn by Italian goaltender, Gunther Hell, in 2003 Group B World Championships

Some other random stuff:

2010 Cup Winners, Boston Bruins. Lucky to get passed the Habs in game 7 in the 1st Round but congrats nonetheless.
Some really old school hockey table

So many people touched it, it was black in the middle and is now covered by plastic. Kind of gross.
Cheesy but I had to do it. It wasn't even the real deal :(

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