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Monday, January 16, 2012

AWESOME FOOD: Kiss Grill (Montreal)

All "Kiss Grill" photos courtesy of Whirl256 (Josie)

We tried this place for my birthday after reading good reviews. I like grilled food so didn't think I could go wrong. The best too is that the service is REALLY fast so you get your appetizers right away and your main 5-10 mins after that. We ordered a bunch of things and here is what I tasted:

- Japanese Vegetable Salad
- Spicy Julienne Salad
- Duck
- Won ton soup
- Grilled Chicken Wings

The appetizers were all good but the Spicy Julian Salad was great!  It was made with grated potatoes and although it was completely raw, it tasted like fries because of the oil mix. The duck seemed to have hardly any meat on it though and the ones in Chinatown are better. There was a Ramen soup picture below that I did not try but was told it was great.

From the grill:
- Grilled Chicken Teriyaki
- Grilled Lamb with Cumin
- Grilled Beef
- Grilled Veal Ribs

All the grilled stuff was great but it was really really spicy (we took medium spice) and I could hardly feel my tongue after a few bites. Next time I will take no spiciness. My favorite was the Grilled Veal Ribs, which looked similar to the amazing short ribs I had in Toronto at Best Dragon Seafood.

- Fried Rice
- Fried Vegetable Dumplings

The sides were good and an awesome complement to the grilled food.

Overall, we had a great experience. The cost was about $5 per bulleted item and for the grilled stuff you get decent sized skewers of meat (it's actually cheaper and 3x the size of what you get a Kazu which is right next door).

This place has my highest recommendation and I would go again soon!

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  1. Great blog post, Randy! Btw, my favourite was the chicken and rice side dish. The brochettes were too spicy for my palate!

  2. I agree, did you take medium? I will take non-spicy next time!

  3. Great pictures Josie!
    I also had an amazing time at the KissGrill!
    Great food and great company!