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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

McDonald's Answers YOUR Questions & Urban Legends

In an effort to be more transparent about its business practices, McDonald's Canada came up with a publicity campaign to answer every question from the public. There are tons of urban legends out there and even though the answers sometime skirt the issue, it's still pretty interesting to watch. I worked at Mickey D's for two years in high school so I have some good insight about how things work at the restaurant level.

Here are some questions with video responses.

This video was interesting because the chef actually shows you how to make a Big Mac, including the sauce, at home. He says that the recipe is all over the internet anyways which is probably true.

Also cool to see why your food looks so crappy compared to the beauty shot in ads. Your condiments are in the center of the sandwich so you don't see them and the kitchen crew certainly doesn't use syringes of ketchup to make it look pretty.

Here they show you a cattle farm where all the animals are raised in a "normal" environment. When asked about if the cattle were fed antibiotics, the response was yes, as just like humans, cows can get sick. Not sure what to think of that response lol. Doesn't seem too normal to me.

Wonder what happens if you take McNuggets and analyze them in an independent lab? Apparently, the lab searched for titanium oxide (makes food look more white), iron (dark meat has a lot, white meat doesn't), calcium and bone particles. The results were no/low traces of titanium oxide, iron and bones particles. There were higher than normal levels of calcium but then they explain that the batter has high amounts of calcium so I guess we're supposed to believe that it just seeps in. Or maybe it's a cop out.

The beef patties are actually 100% pure beef, no worms, no filler, no grain...I thought this urban legend was a rather weak one as the term "beef" could probably mean anything from a cow anyways.

I worked in the kitchen and you can actually see the crew grilling the meet, so this was a no-brainer.

Ammonia is illegal to use for food processing in Canada, so the simple answer is no. The beef is made from medium ground beef, the same you find in the grocery store. Someone asks why the patties don't fall apart if there are no additives and the answer was by freezing them once they are made.  Oh yeah, they make 3 million patties a day, which comes out to 70 million pounds a year.

Once again, you can see the crew cracking eggs.

Check out the site and ask you own question or the McDonald's YouTube channel for the videos.


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  2. I can't believe that after having worked at McDonald's, you still continue to eat there.