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Sunday, July 1, 2012

EuroCup 2012: Spain Demolishes Italy...

After Italy powered their way in great form to the EuroCup finals, they seemed flat footed in the final. Italy made England and Germany look like bad teams which isn't easy to do. The first half was not bad, Spain knocked in two goals but it was far from over. Then, Italy tried to change it up and used up all their subs. Unfortunately for them, one of the subs got hurt, leaving them a man down for most of the second half.

What's really weird is that Italy seemed to give up after that. No one was running and Spain eventually made it 4-0. Super Mario Balotelli could hit the target quite as well as he did the last few games. It was an anti-climatic ending but Spain did play brilliantly. Their passing was amazing and they definitely deserve to win. Winning back-to-back EuroCups with a World Cup in between is an incredible feat so congrats to Spain!

P.S. I like how they play dramatic Hollywood music during the medal ceremony. Forgive me if the music was made prior to becoming part of any movie soundtrack rather than vice-versa.

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