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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jean Paul Gauthier (JPG) - Perspective of Someone Who Knows Nothing About Fashion

Ok, so apparently JPG is known for his crazy fashion stuff...and stripes. 

In terms of the fashion world, I'm the first to admit that I pretty much know nothing. Nonetheless, in the spirit of openness, I went to the JPG Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. It was the second last day of the exhibit and there was a an hour line-up to get in. At least I now understand that fashion shows are meant as art and not really clothing. Apparently JPG paid the museum to showcase his work and contribution to the arts. A little bit of blowing his own horn but then again, I imagine that's what fashion designers are all about.

Here are some interesting pieces of work below. First, Madonna's pointy bra and some concept art by JPG.


There was a cool concept on display in which the mannequins had a face projected on it. It made the mannequins look freaky and robotic. See the video for what I mean, I tell you it's worth the few seconds:

Teddy bear...what?!?

This is really cool. At first it just looks like some sort of leopard dress but take a closer look. 1,060 hours to create!

Dress made of out movie film

Reminds me of character from the movie "The Watchmen" (Left) & Hair Umbrella (right)

Depeche Mode (Left) & Nirvana (Right)

Lady Gaga...not surprising
Update: Hair dryer as part of the dress, thanks for the tip Sarah!
A real Muscle Shirt :) (Left) and Soccer High Heels (Right)


  1. This is pretty cool...

  2. Great blog about JPG. Nice pictures ;) I think I'm going to get the soccer high heels!!! The concept of the green dress is that it has an integrated hair dryer!!! The mannequin is holding it in its left hand; and can dry her hair as she walks! Ding ding ding.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, I will update the picture!

  4. I love your blog. Your pictures are so funny! :)