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Friday, October 14, 2011

XBOX 360 Central, Downtown Montreal

I had the opportunity to be the first customer to walk into the new XBOX 360 Central store at the Eaton Center in Montreal. I was in the area today when it opened and got to try some new Kinect games. The coolest by far was the new Star Wars Kinect game.

Although developers said that they realize that "no one  wants to look like the Star Wars kid", apparently that's exactly how I looked when I played it. I must admit, it might look geeky but lifting your arm to raise a droid and throwing him to the side is super cool.

Here is a video (from my Android) of me playing the "Rancor Rampage" stage. It was fun, I felt like Godzilla walking through and smashing things!

The Podracer stage was tough, I couldn't really get the hang of it. Playing as a Jedi was fun but I fear that the game would be somewhat repetitive.

I also tried the Kinect Sports Season 2 and the tennis game included seemed to be extremely similar to the Wii version. If you really want to play tennis, click here for my earlier post on how to start.

There is a bit of lag, but then again nothing is perfect.

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  1. In the 5th picture in the series of 8 it looks like you're wearing a cape. :D