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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

As I watched the live announcement from Hong Kong, I couldn't help but notice that the presenters were  monotonous. It reminded me of when Mark Zuckerberg presented at a Facebook summit and at the time I didn't know how he looked and was surprised to find out it was him. I can really appreciate the charisma Steve Jobs had and he ranked among the best speakers out there.

Back to the announcement, it started off with how people don't "love Android" and how there wasn't much emotion. I gather this is a tribute to Apple's fanboys who love any Apple products released like it was their first-born. If you want people to love Android, you should put up motivational personalities rather than simply putting management or high ranking managers. Just my two cents.

Here are some highlights about the latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS:

- Peak into your notifications while the phone is still locked
- Screen grabs by pushing power and volume down
- A virtual button was added to see which apps are running (can directly close apps)
- Ice Cream sandwich has "Face Unlock" (using face recognition but during the demo it didn't work, Murphy's law)
- You can have up to 16 tabs open in your browser
- Saves pages for offline viewing
- Gmail: Offline search
- Google Calender: Pinch to zoom in events
- Capping mobile data from the phone (so you don't get a $200,000 cell phone bill)
- Panorama photo shots
- Camera: 1080p, time lapse, zoom while recording...
- Android Beam: touching phones to transmit data (ie website, maps, games) using NFC chip

Overall, it doesn't seem to be ground breaking but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus still looks like a real fun toy to me. I also wonder if the $600 price tag is created with standard electronics markups or generally high due to demand because you can get some pretty good laptops for that price. Anyone have an idea?

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