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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1MiniMe - Custom Bobbleheads

So I was just randomly looking up Groupon coupons in Montreal and found nothing to my liking. I clicked a nearby city, Sherbrooke (~150km away) and saw an expired coupon for a nonetheless interesting site called 1MiniMe. The site 100% handcrafts customized bobbleheads (I've seen 3D printing before for this kind of stuff, but I like the artisan aspect of this) and some of the samples are really cool. It takes 8-16 hours to craft each one and you can view the video below for yourself.

There's also a discount code on their Facebook page so if you're thinking of getting something, you should check their page out. At the time of this posting, these are the coupon codes available (I believe they are $10 off):

EURO: EUR20114545
USD: USD20119578
CAD: CAD2011546
GBP: GBP20110141
BRL: BRL20115588

Here are some of the cooler models you can chose from:


  1. Looks like an interesting project. For my wedding we ordered a custom bobblehead for the top of our cake.

  2. Sheilla, I hope yours turns up in time. I ordered two (one for my husband's birthday, which is on the 24th) and only one has turned up. That's 19 weeks now. Communication from them isn't very quick either.

  3. Though i am new here, it seems i was looking for such a post. It feels very good to be here right now. That is why i am posting my comment.Let's have a look on my site whether it is helpful or not. Thanks to all. See you next time.

    1 minime

  4. Wow ... i just received mine !! LOOK AMAZING ... :-)