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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NEW TV SERIES Part 3: Grimm Review (E01-03)

Grimm is a new TV Series that plays on Friday nights at 9pm on NBC. Although the show is linked to the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, it's totally different from another new series, Once Upon A Time. The shows centers around a cop, Nick Burkhardt, who learns that his descendants were "Grimms", profilers that are able to see creatures for what they really are (i.e. demons, monsters...).

[From E01] Every episode starts off with a Grimm quote

The shows starts off with a mysterious bald lady who visits Nick. We find out that she is his Aunt and has an urgent message for him: he is a Grimm. As his Aunt's health deteriorates, Nick begins to gain the power of "true" sight. As she tells him more about their ancestral line, they are attacked by a demon and Nick guns him down. Obviously frightful of what just transpired, Nick tries to make sense of everything. He inherits his Aunt's trailer which is full of weaponry and a book of knowledge.

Catching up on demons etc
Inside of the trailer
The Characters

Nick Burkhardt (played by David C. Giuntoli): The main dude going around investigating crime with his partner...

Nick (Left) & Hank (Right)

Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby): So far he doesn't know about Nick's powers and supports Nick in his investigations.

Eddie Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell): A former "big bad wolf" who is now a pacifist who no longer feeds on humans anymore. He acts as comedy relief and reluctantly helps Nick and speaks of how "Grimms" were the monsters he grew up hearing about. While covertly investigating a mansion in the dark with Nick, he says, "This is so part of the horror movie where the sidekick gets it."

Reformed "big bad wolf"

Each episode so far has a "creature of the week", with the first being a "wolf" who eats girls dressed in red, a nod to Little Red Riding Hood. The third episode deals some squatters who break into a house, try out all beds and food before they go missing à la Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The third episode deal with Bees (from "The Queen Bee" tale) and Nick, on duty to protect a "victim" [see blond demon, below left], kills a creature that seems to be a "good guy" who was trying to warn him of an incoming evil (uh-oh).

How Nick sees some people. 
I like how the third episode started off in a packed street car. A suspicious looking dude pulls out what looks to be a nuclear bomb but is actually a funky shaped boombox. Most of the bus patrons are part of a flash mob and start dancing to "YMCA" and it was pretty amusing. Hank says "dying in a street car while dancing to the YMCA, what do you think?" and Nick replies, "Sounds like a crappy way to go". Classic, just like David Caruso in CSI Miami.

I don't quite know what to make of this show because it tries to be "scary" with freaky demon faces but at the same time it's a bit campy like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It definitely sounds darker than it actually is because the show won't scare anyone older than eight years old. Overall I think it's worth watching if you like supernatural tales.


  1. I like the show, but the lead is to much of a wimp. If it was not for Monroe he would have been dead a long time ago. They should make it where Nick gets his Aunt's fighting skills along with being able to see. I do not think I will keep watching if Nick has to be saved by everyone around him

  2. I also find it weird that Nick has no real fighting skills...I don't know how he even defended himself in all those fight scenes vs. stronger creatures...