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Saturday, November 12, 2011

AWESOME FOOD: Cacao 70, Resto - Dessert - Bar de Chocolat (Montreal)

*Updated with our second trip to Cacao 70.

Second Visit (4 days later - Read First Visit below if you haven't done so already)

This visit we ordered a whole bunch of things:
- Raspberry Brownie Parfait (again, but the first time was better as it came with chocolate cream)
- Quadruple Chocolate Parfait
- Triple Chocolate Pizza
- Chocolate Nutella Ricotta Pizza
- Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza
- Waffle with Ice Cream, Fruits and Chocolate
- Raspberry Crepes with Chocolate

Yes, it was insane. The Pizzas were good but we ordered way too many and after a while you can only take so much. One slice per person is enough and I suggest getting something that isn't ONLY chocolate otherwise you go crazy (i.e. Quadruple Chocolate Parfait was good but near the end...). The waffle didn't taste like a waffle, it tasted like a sponge cake that was put into a waffle machine and I actually liked it better this way. As for crepes, it was good but a bit too soggy (too much jam on whatever the liquid was) for my taste. Here are some pics below. Our official "finisher" was Jonathan seen below:

Jonathan savoring the Parfaits, Crepes and Pizzas
Some happy people.
The aftermath.

First Visit

After our visit to Kazu, which if you read about can tell that I was still super hungry (Satya actually cooked up a supper when we came back right after going to Kazu and Cacao 70!) we decided to try out the now chocolate place, Cacao70. I think it was a Presse Café before and the transformation into a chocolate bar was a good one. The place is aesthetically pleasing, well lit and makes you crave chocolate in every way. I am a huge chocolate lover and used to pound down tons of chocolate as a kid (Gong Gong is following suit).

We started off with some samples of hot chocolate. Despite the varying degrees of sweetness, I must say that the texture and taste of all the types were amazing.
Awesome stuff!
We looked at the menu and ordered what you see in red:

The Raspberry brownie parfait was great. The whipped cream was chocolatey and the ice cream went down really well with the brownies and raspberries. The triple chocolate cake was ok but the cake seemed to be more of a marble pound cake than a chocolate one. I haven't tried the chocolate pizza yet but it seems to look yummy. Maybe the next time I go. Has anyone tried it?

Photos from Cacao 70's Facebook page
Cacao 70 on Urbanspoon


  1. Chocolate pizza is a MUST!
    We had actually stumbled on this little corner of heaven walking off a large meal in the Village and by the time we hit Guy we started craving caffeine. We knew that there was some kind of café on that block but didn't know that Cacao 70 had opened a mere 3 weeks earlier. We say this to justify leaving a small piece of pizza crust because had our goal been dessert instead of coffee, there would have been nothing left and maybe, just maybe, a second helping ordered, so good it was. Friendly, attentive service and some of the best chocolate we've ever had. We wish them every success. For selfish reasons, of course!
    - M² (AKA The2Michaels)

  2. Is the pizza crust thick like a regular pizza? Seems like that wouldn't be enough chocolate! Going to try it tonight...

  3. The person over the rainbowNovember 13, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    OMG if I got to eat dessert for life will be complete!! Looks good. I wanna go there =)

  4. We will go when you are in town :)

  5. The teddy bear seems to have had more than his share!!!

  6. I'd like to try out that place too!