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Monday, November 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Pricing (Canada)

So pricing was released today on Bell's website for the Google Galaxy Nexus smartphone. 649 buckeroos. That's a lot of cash for a device that isn't that far off of, according to some benchmarks, the existing Samsung Galaxy S2 that retails for $549-599. In the US (an hour away from Montreal), you can get the SGS2 phone for as low as $499. I know it's not exactly comparing apples to apples but seeing how the Galaxy Nexus is unlocked, picking one up across the border is not unrealistic. The pricing is in same range as the iPhone 4S, but then again Apple consumers are used to paying a premium for the brand regardless of tech specs etc.

I think that Bell is just trying to milk early adopters as the company has exclusivity until January. I know there are some upgrades in the hardware but the biggest upside is the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS (ICS). Eventually most phones should get the upgrade but of course you never know exactly when and that's how the industry gets you to upgrade. Considering that the Nexus S will have ICS soon and costs $350 outright, it might be a sufficient alternative for those who are not willing to pop down $649.

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