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Friday, November 11, 2011

FOOD: Kazu Cuisine Japonaise (Montreal)

Photo courtesy of Will Travel For Food
Ok, so this place has been getting a lot of rave reviews for its food. I went a few times for lunch and supper and every time I went the line-up was about 45 mins. The trick for supper is to go when it opens, at 5:30pm or a bit earlier so you are part of the first wave in.

The place only seats about 25 people so its really tiny. I've tried the Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($10) & Ramen noddles ($12) for lunch and the Galubi (beef short ribs, $15) for supper. I had a taste of the Onigiri rice balls and the Salmon head as well. The food tasted good, but I must say that the portions are really small (the photo below makes the plate look decent but it's extremely light).

Galubi: Beef short-ribs 
I understand that this isn't McDonald's of a buffet but if you come out hungry after eating two main courses, the plates might be insufficient. Their "chicken tails" brochettes had about 3cm (just over an inch) of meat on it!

That being said, I suggest that you drop in Kazu for some great tasting food if you aren't hungry. I don't know if pure foodies would be totally against this review because it's supposed to be about quality and not quantity but it's a bit of a downer to be starving after a meal.

After Kazu we went out for dessert at Cacao 70 and returned home right away and one of my buddies, Satya, started to cook something to eat (and he is not a huge eater!). Going out to eat and having to cook supper when you get home...well you get the idea.

The photos below are courtesy of Alex Dao from her Yelp post on Kazu. (Left: Salmon & Tuna bowl, Right: Ramen Noodles)

Do you get full at Kazu?

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  1. The plates might be small... they are very tasteful! You can't find salmon heads and chicken tail brochettes anywhere!

  2. I can find chicken brochettes that are just as tasty and at a normal human-size (instead of baby portions). And there isn't that much meat in a salmon's head :P

  3. It's not about the meat on the salmon head that's's about the BRRAAAAAAAIIIINNNSSS!!!

  4. I've never left Kazu hungry and generally spend $30-$40 a person. And I eat a lot. So either you have a hell of an appetite or you're not ordering the right things.

  5. I must be ordering the wrong things...what do you take?

  6. I love Japanese food. The Ramen Noodles looks yummy. I might want to try their food someday.

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  7. That Teriyaki Chicken Burger looks really delicious. I've never seen any Japanese reaturant that offers teriyaki burger in my place. I want to try that!

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